Started in 1913 by two brothers George and Harry Beckner in South Africa as a Missionary at Heildelberg College by Harry and brought to the States. First manufacture in Athol, Massachusetts then to Bolton, Massachusetts near South Lancaster for College at AUC for them and their families as well. After George Beckner our Mom’s Dad passed in 1956 she became President of BFDC, and stayed in that location until the early 1970’s when Loren and Leota Beckner Fish moved the business first to Berrien Springs Michigan to be near the 3 brothers Howard, Milton, and David as they completed their Theological training there. After Andrews they moved the business to McDonald, TN near Southern Missionary College.

Jonathan Fish and Gail Judson Fish moved there with them for the school year 72/73. The business continued there until Mom passed in 1998, (Dad in ’94). At that time the business passed to our only sister Margaret Fish Rempher and her husband Robert A. Rempher who manufacture them to this day. Many have trained in the shop while attending SLA, AUC, Andrews, and SMC. The many who worked to earn money for their education went on to Medical School, Teachers, Preachers, Nurses, Business owners, Farmers, Evangelists, Salesmen, Missionaries, to name them all would fill a book for sure. These 100 years bear witness to the mercies of the Lord and His leading in our past and present and our hope for the future. We have seen many of our family laid to rest while proclaiming the love of Jesus, His Salvation for us and preparing for our Lord’s return. We still have this Blessed Hope; it is no less brightly burning in our hearts today as it did in the pioneers of the 1800’s during the Great Awakening and the birth of the Advent Movement. As we celebrate these years together we praise the Lord for great things He has done for us, in us, and through us for His honor and glory!!!

Ostrich feathers are plucked twice a year during moulting season from the ostrich farms in South Africa, and shipped to the United States. The feathers are first sorted to quality and size for a uniform look and wear. Then they are wired under tension to a wooden handle for a long work life. Finally, the vinyl cuff is tacked in place over the wire for the finishing touch.

The ostrich feather is an amazing combination of softness, durability, and flexability. The ostrich feather is so unique that mankind, with all its technology, has never been able to simulate its outstanding qualities.