Beckner Feather Dusters are a humane organic product that is unparalleled by synthetic or less humane products. They come in several levels of quality and visual aesthetics.

First Quality

Ideal for musical instruments and fine furniture, this duster is made with impeccable quality.

Second Quality

A very soft feather where the dusting calls for soft pliable feathers, but the investment doesn’t warrant a more expensive duster.

Third Quality

A good grade duster made of slightly imperfect feathers. Designed for industrial and commercial use.


This Beautiful duster, made of perfect black feathers from the male ostrich.


This duster is made from perfect grey feathers. Good for jobs requiring a stiffer feather.


Economical. Made of utility grade ostrich feathers to compete with turkey feather dusters


Retractable black ostrich feather duster in a rigid plastic tube.

The Beckner Feather Duster pays for itself. Not only are these fine quality hand crafted dusters practical but, they are also highly durable.